Conditions Of Facilities Use

This was designed to help you leave the facility in the same condition as you found it.

  1. Church owned Equipment may be used on premises only (if not checked out) and must be returned to storage location after event.

  2. Facilities must be left in a clean and orderly condition.

  3. No alcoholic beverages may be brought into, served, or consumed on the Church premises.

  4. No smoking allowed within buildings and is limited to the gravel parking lot outside.

  5. Any damage caused by the attending party is the responsibility of the person signing this application.

  6. Absolutely no eating or drinking in carpeted areas of church without prior approval. ( Request by checking box under “ Other Services Requested”)

Event Leader Responsibilities

  1. Vacuum carpeted areas if they get dirty from your event.

  2. Sweep kitchen and/or fellowship hall if dirtied by your event.

  3. Take out trash to outside container and replace liner (s). ( Daily if the event lasts more than one day)

  4. Replace any furniture you moved.

  5. Clean up any spills or accidents and put back cleaning implements and supplies.

  6. Place dirty towels/rags in bucket labeled “Need To Wash” in the fellowship room. (old janitor Closet)

  7. Wash, dry, and put away any dishes used. ( do not leave any leftover food)

  8. Turn off lights and make sure all outside doors are shut and locked before leaving.

  9. Notify church office of any problems or needed repairs.