The Gospel Truth

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Colossians 1:1-8

Thankfulness for Spiritual Attainments

1 Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ [a]by the will of God, and Timothy [b]our brother,

2 To the [c]saints and faithful brethren in Christ who are at Colossae: Grace to you and peace from God our Father.

3 We give thanks to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you, 4 since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and the love which you have [d]for all the [e]saints; 5 because of the hope laid up for you in [f]heaven, of which you previously heard in the word of truth, [g]the gospel 6 which has come to you, just as [h]in all the world also it is constantly bearing fruit and [i]increasing, even as it has been doing in you also since the day you heard of it and [j]understood the grace of God in truth; 7 just as you learned it from Epaphras, our beloved fellow bond-servant, who is a faithful servant of Christ on our behalf, 8 and he also informed us of your love in the Spirit.

Discussion Questions

June 3 ,2018


1. In one sentence explain (as though you were speaking to a friend) what the Gospel is. Now, examine why you defined it this way. How does your definition reflect Scriptural teaching in Colossians 1:5; Romans 1:16-17; and 1 Corinthians 15:1-5?

2. The Apostle Paul wrote to Christians at Colossae who were influenced by forms of Jewish and Gnostic ritualism and also by angel worship. What false beliefs negatively affect the church today? How about our church?

3. In verses 7-8 Paul referenced Ephaphras as the person who taught the Colossians about “the grace of God in truth” (verse 6). Who did God use to lead you to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ (please name them)? And stop and thank God for using them as instruments to lead you to Christ and His salvation.