What does it mean to make Jesus alive again?

Dr. Tim Robnett from Eteam Global speaks about what it means to make Jesus Alive again. Since 1970 Dr. Robnett has been following the voice of the Holy Spirit in communicating the gospel to as many people as possible. With a high regard for the local church Dr. Robnett has served as youth lay-leader, youth pastor, pastor and now evangelist. The Gospel is the most needed and most powerful message ever given to mankind. Since 2011 Dr. Robnett has lead Tim Robnett Ministries and ETeamGlobal. Opportunities to preach the gospel have been given and followed over the last 26 years in 45 countries of the world. Since 2011 TRm/ETeamGlobal and its partners have preached the gospel to over 222,000 people in 11 nations with over 27,000 people responding to the Gospel invitation. In addition Dr. Robnett has trained over 13,700 evangelists and Christian disciples in various training settings including Forum’s for Evangelists, Seminars, Conferences and Seminary classrooms.